Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did you notice...

I was wondering if you noticed something strange in the last post. How often do you see white flags floating in the breeze around a garden? (HINT: It is not a carnival.) The white flags are actually for our dear little black lab Kathie, who will turn 1 in May! They are 'watch out' flags for her underground fence. Does she look like a culprit? Last year, she took a big juicy yellow tomato that would soon be ready to eat. This year we decided to stop her before she got to the harvest first! The most unfortunate thing is that white flags do not keep out kitty-cats. Actually, our cat Maggie, thinks that white flags are GREAT to get behind because A) Kathie will get zapped if she goes to get her. B) She can irritate Kathie by saying, "I can get behind here and you can't. Wanna come get me?" The picture of Maggie is really cute... Doesn't she look happy? :)


  1. Aww, Kathie looks so cute and loveable in that picture! And Maggie looks very content. :)

  2. That cat has such a sassy look on her face! :) You know she wants to get up to no good.

  3. HI, Thanks for leaving the post about your lab on my blog about Katie's kennel. This is too funny, because I had a written a blog about Katie's Golden's getting almost all of our tomatoes last year! Dogs DO love veggies! You can read more about it at:
    Katie has begun her first herb garden this year. I'll send her your blog address.