Friday, May 15, 2009

Gone to the Greenhouse!

On Wednesday, we went to the greenhouse. The greenhouse we go to is Mistimorne Plants. It is located outside of Harrisonburg and Dayton, VA. The owners are our neighbor's brother, so we have always gone there. We got flowers, herbs and vegetables. For the flowers, we got marigolds, zinnias, snapdragons, salvias, geraniums, impatiens and carmine glow. For the herbs, we got two types of lavender, mint apple, spearmint, parsley and lettuce leaf basil. The vegetables we got were jalapenos, peppers, tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce and cabbage.

We planted the most of the flowers, mints, lavenders, a little red leaf lettuce and jalapenos in Momma's flower pots. The rest of the vegetables, herbs and flowers went in my garden. I will update my garden blueprint in a future post. In another post, I will tell you about Momma's flower pots.


  1. I planted apple mint a few years ago. Then it took over the entire planting area. I've been spending weeks picking it out of my herb bed, even though we double dug it in March. Oh well, at least it smells really nice when I get to it with the weed wacker!

  2. Everything sounds nice! I bet the apple mint smells delicious. I'm not sure what carmine glow is; I'll look forward to your post on the flowers.

    That is interesting that you have contacts to Mistimorne, as I just heard about it recently. Mom and I drove by when they had not quite opened for the spring, wondering if they had a gift shop for my cards (would y'all know?).

    We usually go to Milmont in Stuarts Draft and went yesterday. Today I was able to get everything planted before the rain comes. It was thrilling to fill up those beds finally! maybe I will do a post...

    P.S. If you would like to try some oregano, I have a lot of extra seedlings available that sprouted from my last year's plant, if you have room left in your herb section!:)

  3. Do you have a favorite herb? Mine is basil. We grow genovese basil. It sounds like you have a lot of great things in your garden.

    You asked on my blog the other day about making the peanut butter. Here is the recipe - 4 1/2 cups raw peanuts and 3 tablespoons oil. My mom uses extra virgin olive oil.

  4. bigcatcentral,

    Thank you for the peanut butter recipe. We will enjoy it!

    One of my favorite herbs are chives. I am going to be growing some different kinds of basil from seeds. The types of basil are genovese, lemon and purple opal basil. Basil and tomatoes do very good together.

  5. motherhen68,

    Thank you for the advice on the apple mint. I will be careful about it spreading. What do you use the apple mint for?

  6. Hannah,

    Thank you for the oregano. Carmine glow is a maroon flower that has a cone shaped bud. It is very pretty.

  7. Yes, mint is invasive. You should keep it in individual containers or plant it into the ground in it's pot/container to keep it from overtaking everything.