Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Lovage is an perennial herb. It can grow up to 6 feet tall. Lovage tastes like a very strong celery. All of the plant is edible, including its roots, stalk, seeds and leaves. We use the leaves in our salads. The stalk can be used as celery, but you definitely do not need as much. Lovage's stalk is not an alternative to celery sticks, since its flavor is so strong. It is best used in salads or soups.

The seeds of lovage have a sweeter celery taste. They can be used as celery seeds in recipes. They are ripe in early summer. You can harvest them by waiting until the seeds are brown. You cut it a little below the seed stalk and dry them.

When you harvest lovage the first year, you should not gather very much of it. You should only acquire it from the outside of the plant. After the first year, you can reap all you want!

Our lovage plant is 15+ years old. Momma and Daddy transplanted the herb to our home in the country when they moved from the city. We have used our lovage plant ever since.

If you have lovage, what do you use it for?


  1. Thanks for telling about this herb. That is so interesting about the plant being 15 years old and you still are using it!

  2. Hi Anna ~ I have never heard of lovage! And I've never seen the plant growing at your house! Have we ever had it in a salad that you have prepared? I don't remember it!
    (p.s. I've been working on cleaning up my Bloglines today, and this post showed up at 10:30 pm just as I was ready to shut it all down for the night! Bloglines is much delayed I'm thinking! But I'm glad I read your post tonight--more than that, I'm glad you started a blog!) ~~ Mrs G

  3. I had never even heard of lovage. I decided that I needed to read some more. I had never seen it in a local nursery, but maybe I just overlooked it. I see that I can get seeds or alive plants online. It sounds worth a try.

  4. An heirloom herb! How wonderful! Does lovage have the same salts and minerals as celery. I often use dehydrated, ground celery in place of salt. Thanks,

  5. Hello Mrs. G,

    No, we have never put it in salads when you were here. We trimmed it back yesterday, but I will show it to you on Sunday.
    Hello Ms. Charlotte,

    Momma said that Daddy and she bought theirs at a local nursery. However, the owner of the nursery was known to carry unusual herbs and plants. If you lived nearer, I would give you part of the plant!
    Hello Mrs. Theresa,

    Lovage can be used as a salt substitute. You can dehydrate or freeze lovage. I placed the website that I got some information from below. It tells more about the herb and how to freeze/dehydrate it.