Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden Tours - Part 3

Last Saturday, we went to Grammy and GrandRiley's farm to deliver a Father's Day present to GrandRiley. Before my family left, Grammy gave me a tour of her garden. Her garden has fed many families over the years. She is very generous with her excess produce!

Grammy is growing tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, lima beans, lettuce, corn, asparagus, onions, peppers and green beans. Grammy normally will can some of her produce. She has some raised beds and a one large regular garden.

Grammy's stone bench is an interesting decoration. It was built by Uncle Kirk. He found a limestone slab in the field and made the bench. Grammy decorates it with yellow daylilies and pink coral bells. What a relaxing place to rest after working in the garden!

Some of her favorite gardening time is in her flower garden. Many different colored irises decorate the outskirts of the vegetable garden. Grammy also has some coral bells, zinnias and other annuals around the raised gardens. She also garnishes the border of the washhouse with pansies and daylilies. Do you notice anything around the daylilies?

Did you find what was in the daylilies? It was Brady! Brady is a collie puppy that Grammy and GrandRiley got a few weeks ago. All of the collies that they have had love to lay in Grammy's daylilies. Isn't Brady cute?

Thank you, Grammy, for letting me tour your garden!


  1. Wonderful garden tour! Thank you very much. I love the picture of the long rows and the puppy!

  2. Very interesting to get a glimpse of your grandmother's garden. Those are some long rows!

    I don't think I've seen a puppy collie before--it is cute.:)