Friday, June 19, 2009

Practical Flower Pots

Momma and I made some practical flower pots this year for the first time. We put some vegetables, herbs and flowers in them to beautify our patio and to help the family food bill. We designed 3 practical pots. The 1st one has apple mint, spearmint, two types of lavender and red leaf lettuce. We have already enjoyed the red leaf lettuce in our salads. It also has some marigolds for color and bug protection. Eventually, the pot will be only mint and lavender for tea and gifts.

The other two pots are the same, and they decorate the front corners of the patio. We call them "hot" pots. They have bright colored flowers and hot jalapenos. Both pots have orange marigolds, carmine glow, zinnias and jalapeno pepper plants. The peppers are for salsa and already have little jalapenos on them.

We got our idea from Mistimorne greenhouse. Momma and I saw some "edible" pots when we went to the greenhouse in May. They had a "Salsa Garden", a "Salad Bar Garden", a "Pick and Eat Garden" and a "Fresh Eatin' Garden". Some of the edible pots had lettuce, tomatoes, marigolds, basil, jalapenos, bell peppers, parsley and other safe to eat plants. We thought that it was a great idea! What do you think?

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