Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garden Giveaway!

Today, I got an offer from Olde-Books.com to host a giveaway for 2 days. It ends on Wednesday night at midnight. Olde-Books.com is offering my readers a free gardening e-book from the late 1800's. It is called The Book of Sports - Gardening by William Martin. This book is part 3 in the Book of Sports collection.
Here is how you can get this free book:
  1. Go to Olde-Books.com
  2. After entering the store, click on Contact.
  3. Fill out the contact form, and then say in the comments box that you came from Gardening for My Family, and that you would like the free e-book called The Book of Sports-Gardening by William Martin.
  4. Olde-Books will reply to you with an email. The pdf e-book will be attached to the email.
  5. While you are there, check out the other gardening books in the section Skills for the Family.
Please check back Thursday for another special offer from Olde-Books.com. Enjoy!!


  1. Wonderful! May I post something about it on MM?

  2. Hello Anna,
    My name is Anna also! lol
    I was wondering if you would like to be friends.
    I am 12 years old. I am a Christian and I am Homeschooled. I like helping with our family garden too!
    Have a wonderful evening.



  3. Hello ALadybug/Anna!

    Thank you for commenting! I visited your blog, and I saw your recent post. I did not comment since your post was older, but I think that it is a carpet.

    I like horses, too. What do you grow in your garden?