Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden Sitting

I have been garden sitting for some friends of our family this past week.
Ben and Momma helped me water the plants and pick some produce.

Hannah said that we could keep some of the vegetables and berries. We all loved the raspberries that we picked. We picked enough berries to make some freezer jam.

How many did you eat, Ben?
Brave Ben saved us from the fake snakes!
I hope that you had a great time, Hannah!


  1. My Ben scares us to death catching snakes! Real ones! Are the fake snakes to keep the chickens out of the garden? Beautiful pictures! Happy Independence Day!

  2. No, Anna, I did not eat too many raspberries. No one can eat too many! How many did you eat?

  3. THANK YOU all for taking care of the garden! It looked great when we returned. I'm very glad you enjoyed the raspberries,etc.

    I love the sunflower picture you took!

    Theresa, actually the snakes are to keep the birds away from the berries.