Friday, July 31, 2009

Okra - A Southern Plant

I planted okra this year for the first time in my garden. Okra is a warm weather plant. As a member of the mallow family, some of okra's cousins are the hollyhock and the hibiscus. Okra originated in Africa and is mostly grown in the southern states, since the temperatures are higher in the summer time. My okra has not been growing as well since we have been having cooler weather. Hopefully, we might be able to get a little okra if the weather warms up.

You can go here to find out how to pick okra. When okra is fresh, it is best eaten in a few days, but if you have an over abundance of okra, you can either freeze it or can it. We like ours in soup. Ms. Charlotte canned hers with tomatoes, which Momma thought sounded good. Another good place to go for some okra recipes is Veggie Gardener. I hope to post later in the season if I get any off of my plants.

The answer to the Garden Guess is an okra leaf. Thank you to all who guessed on my post!


  1. Okra is one of my favorites-- especially stewed with tomatoes! For those who do mot like "mushy" food, okra is also tasty sliced, dipped in egg and bread crumbs and fried crisp.

  2. That was fun, even if I didn't figure it out.

  3. Never would have guessed it--even though I have some of my own! My plants are still pretty small, but I see some tiny okra pods on them.

    thanks for posting the info!

  4. Hello Hannah!

    I looked tonight at my okra plants and saw that they also have some tiny little okra pods. Tee, over at Veggie Gardener, mentioned to me that when it starts to get hot, they will produce a lot!