Monday, August 10, 2009

Cabbage Regrowth

After I harvested my first 6 heads of cabbage, I decided to see if my cabbage would grow back. I had read in one of my gardening books that cabbage would grow back. The weather has been so much cooler this summer, so I thought I should try. All of the plants have been developing heads, so I will see if they will amount to anything. I hope the cabbage white caterpillars from earlier this season do not bother my plants. I will sprinkle garlic and cayenne pepper again because I am beginning to see some signs of their munching!
I have been planning for my fall garden, and I will definitely plant some cabbage. We love raw cabbage to eat as a vegetable for lunch. My family goes through the cabbage! Homegrown cabbage has a sweeter flavor than ones bought in the store. Later this month, I will plant my cabbage plants. Cabbage can handle a freeze and if it is a mild fall, it might make it until Thanksgiving!


  1. That will be interesting to see if your cabbage comes back again! Your post has made me consider planting cabbage this fall also. :) I am also going to try kohlrabi for the first time. Have you ever had it? I have not, but it sounds good and easy to grow--it is supposed to taste cabbage-like.

  2. Hi Anna! Your cabbage looks great. I am planting some cabbage this fall as well, since I did not grow any in the spring. I actually like the fall garden best because it contains some of my favorite vegetables. I can't wait to hear more about your cabbage regrowth!

    Happy Gardening,


  3. In northeast Texas our cabbage is maturing super slow because of so much unseasonal rain and lack of sun. So far there have been no freeze (which usually comes around November 15) so they look like they're going to make.

    How much of a freeze can the cabbage handle? Should I cover them if they warn of a freeze, harvest some just in case before it hits or just let them keep growing? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello PSPLiving,

    My fall cabbage has also been slowly maturing. Cabbage can live at temperatures as low as 15 to 20 degrees. (If it got that cold, I don't know if I would leave it out, since they probably would not grow as fast if they did grow at all.) Cabbage can also tolerate a hard frost. You might want to cover them, since the leaves could get a little bit of frostbite/burn.

    I hope this helps! Thanks for commenting.