Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picking Green Beans

Today, we picked green beans from Katy's garden. Katy is a special friend of my Grammy. We gathered about 2 five gallon buckets of stringless green beans. Ben, Momma and I picked the beans with the help of Katy's granddaughters, Rachel and Sarah. In an upcoming post, I will write about the canning of the beans.

Green beans are best when they are eaten fairly early in their growth. The seeds in the pods should not be fully developed when picked. If the beans grow bigger than the diameter of a pencil, they will not be as tender. We picked some that were really big today so that we could harvest the seeds to go into a big pot of green beans for supper. Daddy loves the seeds within the beans! If you pick your beans off the vine whenever they are ready, they will produce all summer.

Katy has a colorful garden with flowers that makes it enjoyable to harvest vegetables. Her house also has flowers in brilliant colors all around it. Thank you, Katy, for the beans!

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