Monday, August 31, 2009

An Update on the Fall Garden

I have been harvesting many things out of the garden this year. The summer vegetables have been producing quite rapidly. I planted many of my family's favorite cool weather vegetables in my fall garden. Also, my Grammy has given us a lot of tomatoes which we have canned. Her friend, Katy, has generously given us many green beans. We have been enjoying fresh produce from the garden all summer!

I planted the fall garden with turnips, radishes, leaf and head lettuce. I also got some cabbage plants from the greenhouse. Most of the radishes and turnips are for my Grandpa since he loves them. He also does not buy them very much, so fresh turnips and radishes will be a great gift.

I have harvested okra, cherry tomatoes, goliath tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, snap beans and yellow squash. The cherry tomatoes have been quickly producing every day! The garlic that I planted earlier this spring is almost ready to harvest. We harvested the pumpkin, and it makes a nice fall decoration.

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  1. Yay!

    How much okra have you gotten so far? I've harvested a grand total of 3 pods. :)One was thrown in the soup on Sunday. :) Today I just saw one of those blooms you show! I think more pods are slowly coming along.

    I hope to plant my fall garden very soon, but my bag of some seeds from the spring went missing in all our shed rearranging. I would like to plant lettuce, spinach, garlic, and kohlrabi at the I must get a few replacement seeds.