Thursday, November 12, 2009

Picking Persimmons

Last Tuesday, Ben and I went and picked some persimmons in the field. Our neighbors told us about the trees, so Ben wanted to try this wild food! He thought that they were very tasty! The persimmon trees were loaded with the fruit. They are very sweet, but they have many big seeds in the center. A good frost makes the persimmons sweet.
Adelia and Lina Beard described persimmons in their book, Wild Food on the Trail, as, "The persimmon is about the size of a plum, but is flattened at the poles. It grows close to the branch and its calyx is large. The color is yellow generally flushed with red. Some writers describe it as juicy, but I would not call it that; the flesh is more like custard or soft jelly."

I have Wild Food on the Trail in an e-Book format. It is a very helpful book when it comes to identifying wild foods. Wild Food on the Trail also has some drawings of some of the fruits, berries and the leaves of the plants for easy identification. I got my copy of this helpful book from Right now, is offering a coupon for a dollar off on this useful book, which is valid until November 18, 2009. The coupon code is persimmon.

We enjoyed picking persimmons. It was fun to pick our own "wild food on the trail"!


  1. You didn't mention what you thought of the persimmons. I, for one, thought they were good! Maybe next year we should get more, and maybe someone else will eat them with me. I loved picking persimmons with you!

  2. That sounds fun to discover a new tree in your own backyard! I have never tried persimmon before, but I'm sure they would be tasty.:)