Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did you notice...

I was wondering if you noticed something strange in the last post. How often do you see white flags floating in the breeze around a garden? (HINT: It is not a carnival.) The white flags are actually for our dear little black lab Kathie, who will turn 1 in May! They are 'watch out' flags for her underground fence. Does she look like a culprit? Last year, she took a big juicy yellow tomato that would soon be ready to eat. This year we decided to stop her before she got to the harvest first! The most unfortunate thing is that white flags do not keep out kitty-cats. Actually, our cat Maggie, thinks that white flags are GREAT to get behind because A) Kathie will get zapped if she goes to get her. B) She can irritate Kathie by saying, "I can get behind here and you can't. Wanna come get me?" The picture of Maggie is really cute... Doesn't she look happy? :)

The New Raised Bed Gardens

On Saturday, Daddy and Ben finished my 2 new gardens. They borrowed Grammy's tiller to help get the soil ready. We got the soil from the dry pond in the field next to us. The soil was clumpy from being wet earlier, so Momma went to Tractor Supply and got peat moss. We also added some lime that we had in the shed. The tilling worked great, and they got all the clumps out! The gardens are ready to be planted in which is wonderful! Now, I am waiting for the last spring frost, which is around Mother's Day, to plant my summer vegetables.

Friday, April 24, 2009

First Sprouts of Spring!

I went out to take a few pictures of my garden and saw that my lettuce had sprouted. The lettuce picture looks a little bit blurry, but you have the idea of what it looks like. I planted some garlic this spring, and they sprouted too. Also, my family has been enjoying the spring onions I planted last fall. I also planted spinach, carrots, and peas. The spinach has not sprouted yet and neither has the carrots. I am also hoping that the peas will grow after our family cat, Maggie, dug in their row. (I do not know why she had to dig RIGHT there, but Maggie must have decided that I should have one failure to write about. :) I did find some of the unfortunate pea seeds around. I will have to post a picture of Kathie, our black lab, and Maggie in the future, so you know what they look like.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beginning Roots

My Daddy started our first family garden in 1999 where we had torn down an old shed. I remember helping (or frustrating) Daddy while he planted broccoli, lettuce, onions, spinach, carrots, beans and peas. We did that garden for a few years. The weeds always got away from Daddy because it was during allergy season, and Momma can't weed with her back. So, we did not garden for several years.

Last year, 2008, my family and I decided to let me try a raised bed where the old garden was. I successfully grew leeks, onions, cucumbers, 2 kinds of lettuce, spinach and tomatoes. I planted my broccoli in the fall, but it did not grow. I will post later about this year's planting.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I am Blogging

I started this blog to keep a record of what I have been doing with my garden. Also, I had an extra motivation when I saw a gardening contest on Teaching Good Things. To enter and see what you do on this contest, click here. I hope you will enjoy learning along with me as I garden and preserve the harvest for my family. Enjoy the blog!