Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow and Garden Thoughts

We got a "sugar coating" of snow this week. However, it will not be just a sugar coating before long. We could get over 2 feet of snow this weekend!
Snow is like a blanket over your garden. It helps to insulate the roots of plants through out colder temperatures. (It helps with my spring onions and garlic!)
With snow around, do not forget to feed the birds! My family and I love to watch the birds as they eat the seed. Also, in the summer time, birds help keep the bugs away in your garden.
I have been planning for this year's garden, so I will be ready when spring comes. Spring is in March, and that is just around the corner! The stores already have seeds in stock for this spring. While I am unable to do actual gardening outside, I can at least begin my "blueprint" for this year.

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  1. you have a lovely blog here and I love what you have written on your profile. May the Lord richly bless you.