Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Days in the Garden

I have been very busy in the garden these past two weeks. Here are some snapshots of the garden.
I have planted cabbage, herbs, beans, limas, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers and turnips.
We have gathered lettuce, radishes and onions.
Momma and I also weeded the garden.
Daddy, Ben and I have also added the pea posts for the peas to climb up. We also made tepees for the pole beans and limas to climb up as well.
I hope that your garden is doing well too!


  1. Anna, it looks to be coming along well. I am hoping to plant some tomatoes, cucumbers and more herbs later this week. I look forward to keeping up with how things are progressing

  2. Anna, everything is looking wonderful!! Look at all that green lettuce! I planted a few things (tomatoes, peppers, cukes, squash, okra, corn, limas for the first time, etc) before Mom and I left and hope to do some final things when we return. It was fun to have Granny helping me put in some beans, too!

  3. Well done! It's interesting how different climate etc calls for different choices of veg and different time-schedules.
    We've just planted our veg and, apart from some salad leaves, it will be quite some time until we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labour.
    God bless your endeavours
    Love, Anne x