Friday, May 21, 2010

Groundhog Deterrents

Recently, I was told that a friend of our family was having some problems with groundhogs eating their cabbage and other plants. It interested me and I found some ideas for groundhog deterrents. Some things that can be done to get groundhogs to leave are to:
  • Fence the garden with chicken wire 3-4 feet high with 1 foot underneath the ground. Groundhogs can jump ordinary fences and burrow underneath. The fence can also be angled with the fence leaning towards the garden to block the groundhogs farther out.
  • Trap the groundhogs or shoot them.
  • Place ammonia soaked rags around the garden. Groundhogs do not like the smell of ammonia. Ammonia does not damage the plants either. The rags will need to get re-soaked after a while to keep the scent fresh.
  • Sprinkle epsom salts on the plants. Groundhogs disgust the taste of epsom salts and will not eat the plants. The epsom salts also are beneficial to the plants as well. The salts will need to be reapplied frequently because they get washed away easily.
  • Hang disposable aluminum pie pans and dishes around the garden to frighten the groundhogs off. Whirligigs and windchimes also can scare the easily frightened creatures away.


  1. Great info... when fencing in the garden, you definitely need to dig down at least a foot to really deter those guys!

    Pretty good info on LMF too about groundhog deterents

  2. I have four groundhogs that recently infiltrated my garden. I look forward to trying these techniques.


  3. Recently I trapped and relocated my pesky groundhog (named him Gus)to a lovely wooded setting that's part of the grounds where I work. Two weeks later I was reading a newspaper photo caption showing a groundhog swimming next to a kayak on the Susquehanna. Just then I looked up and there was Gus climbing out of my pool and headed for the salad bar (my vegetable garden). I'm now trying to co-exist with Gus but hopefully the ammonia-soaked rags, epsom salts and pinwheels will be a deterrent.

  4. We have a family of 4 groundhogs. One mama came and made a hole in our yard and just had four babies. I told my husband to plant more veggies. Right now they are getting into the cat food. They are cute, but I fear that they have found the food pantry. If we do anything, we will trap and release them. If that is at all possible. Right now we are enjoying them. Last year when we went to pick our canteloupe, it was gone.