Saturday, May 1, 2010

Natural Rodent Control

I have been having some trouble with mice in the garden. They have been around the garden and the yard. Ben and I have been noticing them running across the driveway. Momma read in the Grit magazine that if you cut up an old garden hose, it looks like a black snake and scares away the mice. We did not have an old hose, but we did have an old lawnmower belt that broke a few weeks ago. Daddy and I cut the black lawnmower belt into 3 parts that were each a yard long. I put our "black snakes" into each garden. We have noticed a drop in our mouse population around the garden. It must look realistic since it scared Momma too! Our "snakes" keep out little rodents but not big dogs. Kathie "killed" one of our new snakes and brought it to us. :) Do you think that the lawnmower belt pieces look like snakes?


  1. Hi, Anna,

    That is very resourceful and tricky. :)Kathie was cute to "kill" the "snake" for you. :)

    The new photo on your sidebar is striking--I like the silhouettes of Kathie, tire swing, and bicycle! And the green tree against the blue sky is very pretty. How nice of your dog to pose for you in this country scene. :) You had a nice eye for that photo opportunity.

  2. What a wonderful idea Anna! Yes, the lawnmower belt does look like a snake to me. :)

    We haven't had problems with mice in our garden (they seem to prefer the basement, which is why I've used peppermint oil to ward them away from my bookshelves) but we will have to try this trick if we ever do have a rodent invasion in our garden.

    Have you ever had problems with moles? We used to have them tunnel through our lawn and were able to drive them away with a few well placed empty wine bottles, buried in the earth up to their neck.

    There is always a bit of a breeze, and the air blowing over the bottlenecks makes a constant noise (I think it reverberates through the ground) The moles can't stand it! :)

    I've been enjoying your blog Anna, and was so glad to have met you and your family at the Economics conference! Keep up your lovely work!

  3. Hello Erin Elizabeth!

    We have had some moles in our yard before. They have not been around as much lately. I never have heard about using peppermint oil to ward away mice.

    My family and I are very glad that we met you at the Economics conference. We enjoyed the conference very much!

    Thank you a lot for commenting! I hope that you come back and visit my blog again!