Monday, June 28, 2010

Early Summer Garden Update

It has been very hot here in the Valley. The heat has gotten the lettuce and spinach, so we planted squash and zucchini in their places. There has not been much rain, but with extra watering, the other plants are growing well.
There are little cherry and better boy tomatoes growing. There also are lots of blooms on both tomato plants still!
The okra is growing great with the heat. The zucchini and squash have sprouted and are beginning to grow little leaves.
The cucumbers have blooms and the some of the cabbages are ready to harvest. The peppers have blooms and are growing peppers.
The pole beans are growing up the tepees and some are over the top of the tepees. The bush beans have blooms and a few little beans.
I hope that your garden is growing and producing well too!


  1. This looks amazing. It's almost unimaginable for me thinking of it being so hot as to damage plants. Heat? What's that??!
    We don't always have summers like this - this year is really unusual - only about 56oF today - that's been our average - very disappointing, I must say, though I hate to sound like I'm complaining about the many people have real hardships with natural disasters. I hope we're not being ungrateful.....
    Look forward to seeing your continuing progress
    Love, Anne x

  2. I was great to se you and your family Saturday! I enjoyed hearing about your garden and photography, and now to see your garden pics! Everything is looking nicely, especially the photo with the cabbages and climbing cukes. Sorry you have the blossom end rot! I noticed some of that affecting a few of my paste tomatoes last week. I"ll definitely need to keep everything watered this hot week!

  3. Hello, it's so lovely to see your garden grow. I live in Scotland, and we have had such a wet summer, that slugs have been an awful problem!! This is my first year growing veg, I planted cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, leeks, potatoes and brocolli, as well as some indoor herbs. Caterpillars have been the biggest problems, and have just about ruined all the large leafy plants (cauliflower, cabbaged and brocolli). I think I shall have to stick to carrots and leeks next year they are the only ones not to have been affected by the garden pests!

    If I had more time I guess I could have paid more attention to the garden, but with 2 little children and one on the way it hasn't been easy, so it's fun to read about a garden that is growing well!! Keep it up :o)