Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rhubarb - Pie Plant

This Monday, Momma and I made strawberry rhubarb jam. We made 11 half-pints. This is the recipe that we used. We will be doing some strawberry jam again within the next few days.

My Momma's Grandma (GaGa) always made strawberry rhubarb pie and jam when Momma was growing up. GaGa would drop the pie off at Momma's house after Momma got home from school. Momma would sneak a piece before her parents got home from work just like GaGa planned.

Rhubarb actually has a sour/bitter flavor and is combined with strawberries in pies and jams to make it sweeter. They both come due around the same time. It was introduced to Europe in the17th century. It was nicknamed the "pie plant" for its common use in pies.

We tried to grow a rhubarb plant, but Kathie, our dog, decided to dig it up for us. We got our rhubarb at Heartland Harvest again this year!

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