Saturday, September 18, 2010

A New Season

As fall comes this week, my summer crops are winding up for the year. When you finish harvesting all of your crops, you can turn your garden over. We will turn our garden over by working some compost and composted leaves in the garden. The fertilizer will break down more over the winter. The aged compost already in the ground should help make spring planting easier.

Gardening for My Family is also having a change of
season. I have decided to let this be my last post. I will not be stopping gardening, however, just blogging! I will still be learning and researching, but I just will not be recording it on my blog. Ending Gardening for My Family will free up my time for other projects that I would like to do.

I hope that you will enjoy the new season of Fall this year, and that your garden reaps an abundant harvest!

"...a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;" Ecclesiastes 3:2



  1. Well, Anna, I will miss you. But it was lovely to 'meet' you. I hope I will still hear from yourself and your mum on my blog.
    Happy gardening!
    Love, Anne x

  2. I enjoyed all your posts these past couple of years! It was interesting hearing the bits of information from your learning and research. Have a wonderful new season of learning this school year!

  3. Hi Anna ~ your blog has been on my Bloglines since you first started. I will miss reading your thoughts, gardening ideas, and seeing pictures of your garden....and even though I never commented, I did enjoy reading every post. I wish you the best this school year. ~ Mrs G

  4. Hi Anna, I enjoyed reading your posts. Anybody who gardens with as much care as you is sure to do well at anything you choose to do in the future. Best wishes for health and happiness.