Friday, May 21, 2010

Groundhog Deterrents

Recently, I was told that a friend of our family was having some problems with groundhogs eating their cabbage and other plants. It interested me and I found some ideas for groundhog deterrents. Some things that can be done to get groundhogs to leave are to:
  • Fence the garden with chicken wire 3-4 feet high with 1 foot underneath the ground. Groundhogs can jump ordinary fences and burrow underneath. The fence can also be angled with the fence leaning towards the garden to block the groundhogs farther out.
  • Trap the groundhogs or shoot them.
  • Place ammonia soaked rags around the garden. Groundhogs do not like the smell of ammonia. Ammonia does not damage the plants either. The rags will need to get re-soaked after a while to keep the scent fresh.
  • Sprinkle epsom salts on the plants. Groundhogs disgust the taste of epsom salts and will not eat the plants. The epsom salts also are beneficial to the plants as well. The salts will need to be reapplied frequently because they get washed away easily.
  • Hang disposable aluminum pie pans and dishes around the garden to frighten the groundhogs off. Whirligigs and windchimes also can scare the easily frightened creatures away.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Days in the Garden

I have been very busy in the garden these past two weeks. Here are some snapshots of the garden.
I have planted cabbage, herbs, beans, limas, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers and turnips.
We have gathered lettuce, radishes and onions.
Momma and I also weeded the garden.
Daddy, Ben and I have also added the pea posts for the peas to climb up. We also made tepees for the pole beans and limas to climb up as well.
I hope that your garden is doing well too!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Natural Rodent Control

I have been having some trouble with mice in the garden. They have been around the garden and the yard. Ben and I have been noticing them running across the driveway. Momma read in the Grit magazine that if you cut up an old garden hose, it looks like a black snake and scares away the mice. We did not have an old hose, but we did have an old lawnmower belt that broke a few weeks ago. Daddy and I cut the black lawnmower belt into 3 parts that were each a yard long. I put our "black snakes" into each garden. We have noticed a drop in our mouse population around the garden. It must look realistic since it scared Momma too! Our "snakes" keep out little rodents but not big dogs. Kathie "killed" one of our new snakes and brought it to us. :) Do you think that the lawnmower belt pieces look like snakes?